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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

                          Dear Zindagi Movie Review
                                            RATING        :    3.6/5
Starring role    :     ShahRukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar
DIRECTION              :    Gauri Shinde
GENRE                     :    Drama
DURATION               :    2 hours 30 minutes
ROLE: Alia is one the good actress who has played a role as Kaira and ShahRukh Khan One of the famous actor who has played a role has Dr Jehangir Khan in Dear Zindagi.
STORY: kaira is a mature and heartbroken bite into a green chili that looks best by her good buddy Fatima (Ira Dubey). She lives in Mumbai In the first meet of the film, aliya has an director of cinephotography and wannabe filmmaker who want to get her photo shot for her own film, in Mumbai in her film industry she likes a men, suddenly she listen that the one who she likes most gone to engaged with other person, the big breaks in the film happen which will shock to aliya, due to that aliya is mentally disturbed.
In the past she face many problems but she never express she kept whole in the heart and her parent left her in grandma home for many years she missed her parents love, she wrote a lot of letters but she can’t get a single reply from their parents by this she hurts a lot from this, her problem started, after that when she like and started happily to live in the grandma home her parents came and took away to home by this she suffered a lot.

One day when she makes photo shoots in the five star restaurants she listen the voice of shahrukh khan, he impressed with his speech who is a doctor of brain, and so one day she meets Dr Jahangir Khan (ShahRukh Khan) for counseling. First she somewhat hesitate to tell her condition ,she indirectly tells, but when she listen about his explanation ,way of treating  she feels goods and openly explain about her position, so the film moves forward s kauri daily visits shahukh khan for counseling ,shahrukh will give examples by saying stories ,by motivating, daily she gets new tips to improve herself .ShahRukh Khan shows whets the life is ,how to handle it, in life everyone have to face good and bad situation when Kaira has an camerawomen dominated by male world. There are many emotional and psychological moves in the film.Kaira makes an adjustment and moves forward in the life. At the she become normal and understood who to live life, she got well offered from the film industry to work has a director.
PLUS POINT: In this film shahrukh khan plays a very important role, Shahrukh serves as the perfect foil who came’s has a spotlight in the life of kaira, expression of shahrukh khan is unbelievable; aliya has given best of her in the movie. One and only one role who takes the movie up is kaira given her best and she is amazing beautiful actress
MINUS POINT: Expectation about the role of shahrukh khan, songs is not as good. Songs is the heart of the movie but in this movie songs are not as good what we expected

END: At the end kaira started to tell her feelings, she get well with loved nature with all his family and friends, shahrukh gone to some other place to help others

HARD WORK : Behind the movie there is a lot of hard work mainly aliya who had worked hard to fulfill her character which is needed, this is the first movie in the combination of shahrukh khan and aliya work together,kaira role is big when compared to shahrukh khan where he has only few reaction for short duration
Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar, Kunal Kapoor, and Aditya Roy Kapoor plays amazing role in front of cameos of varying lengths. Ira Dubey plays a perfect in the role as Kaira's bestie Fatima.
Dear Zindagi movie pulls at the heartstrings.It also loaded with genteel humour,in this movie mostly we find two characters that is aliya and shahrukh khan ,the movie is repeated by daily new tips ,solution to the problems of kaira.
SUCCESS: after doing all this effect DEAR ZINDAGI turns to be one of the good films in the bollywood industry with lot of emotion and dramas, with few characters the film is very smartly presented by the director and it’s a low budget movie
The entire team who worked a lot of the success is, one is film editor Haimanti Sarkar, second one is cinematographer Laxman Utekar, number third is sound designer Debashis Mishra, and not only written but also directed by notably (writer-director) Gauri Shinde, would be proud for this success.  There is a little hope for good hit songs and more about the role of shahrukh khan .But any how it’s a good movie with a lot of emotion, shocks, Dear zindagi tells us in a life we will face. 

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