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Monday, 5 December 2016


                                    FORCE 2 REVIEWS
RATINGS               :       4/5
LEAD ACTORS    :   John Abraham ,Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin
DIRECTOR                      :    Abhinay Doe
WRITER                           :       Abhinay Doe

INTRODUCTION   :    Force 2 is a action thriller film ,which is beautifully written and directed by Abhinay Doe .Force 2 is the second part of force and the releasing date of force 2 is 18 November 2016.The lead roles are John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha.In this film Sonakshi Sinha acts as a Kamaljeet Kaur raw officer and John Abraham as ACP Yashwardhan , Tahir Raj Bhasin as Shiv Sharma (Rudra Pratap Singh.)
STORY  : John Abraham looses his wife five years ago which is none other than Genelia D'Souza and he had a passion of fighter against crime. The story begins when he listen the news of his friend murder, who was an raw officer harish,before death Harish raw officer send the clue to this friend  John Abraham about the murders happening in the city .Harish write the name the name of murder as spy whose target was to kill raw officers. From here onwards investigation starts.
            Then John Abraham meets senior raw officers and explains about the clues ,there John Abraham meets  Sonakshi Sinha as kk,full form of kk is Kamaljeet Kaur .Then Kamaljeet Kaur and John Abraham will go to BUDAPEST as they receive information that spy was staying in budapest.In Budapest they reach to safe house ,at that time john and kk escapes from the bomb, which is cleverly find out by the john when kk ask he find out that ,then he explains the mail which is received by the kk which contain the address of safe house will be hacked. Then they went to hotel, they started finding the embassy leaking officer from their team, kk finds three suspects from data base and john investigate from five five who were in the party that night. John finds the fourth suspect as Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin) but kk does not believe it. Shiv Sharma a mastermind terrorist has a mission of destroying raw officer by providing information related to raw officer to his Chinese spies. Then John and kk decided to catch spy through a fake mail, after that kk realize that john was right and john follows the shiv but shiv success to run away and kk is locked in the room during this process by shiv.
      At finally john and kk succeed to catch shiv and they decided to bring to India during that attempt they face lot of problems ,attack which is done by the Chinese spies to help shiv.At that time shiv got shot from his Chinese spies and rushed to hospital, later john realized that shiv is alive, then john got an idea how Chinese spies and shiv knows each and every about their plan he checks kk’watch there he find a tracking chip which was placed by shiv during the first attempt when he knocked the kk in the room.

With the help of club dancer Martinez, john and kk find out shiv they find out the location of shiv but again shive managed to escapes .After that shiv went to another location and kill two more raw officers, john suspection comes true when club dancer is revealed to be working for shiv.
 By find outing another location  john and kk went to another location there they find the real birth date and real story behind the crime,shiv was the son of a raw officer which has been working for thirty years, he was disowned by a Cabinet minister Brijesh Yadav as terrorist, by this latter he committed suicide. For this his son decided to take revenge from the Cabinet minister Brijesh Yadav not from the raw officers, raw officers are the steps to reach cabinet minister.
                 Shiv make a plan to kill a cabinet minister but john and kk find out and safe the minister during this attempt john killed many shiv members and minister got a bullet in the shoulder , kk decided to take shiv alive but john shot shiv ,as shiv explaining how he was going to kill 17 raw officers to minister and after that john make minister to give honor for died raw officers, story ends with that ,after that decision the family member of dead raw officers happily as in the past dead raw officers was declared has terrorist. In this movie john see his wife Genelia D'Souza for sometime as he loves a lot which is dead five years ago. This message tells about the unsung real heroes of raw officers.
PLUS POINT          :     john and shiv roles are the highlights of the movie
MINUS POINT        :     kk as she was a raw officer she feared to shoot
SUCCESS          :   FORCE 2 collect 6 crore on its first day, it was a hit movie and gone higher collection then the force .john got an another hit movie in his account, everyone has to watch this movie.

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